10 March 2014

free will

"If I am allowed to give you some advice, here it is: 
Do not beg the attention of whomever it is. Nobody. Do not make an effort to share minutes of your time with whomever is much more interested in things that don't include you. Do not prolong the conversation just to have the other person near by, when you realise you need to make a real effort to transform that monologue into a dialogue. Forget it. Prefer your own genuine solitude to the pseudo presence of anybody else. 

And I say even more: Understand that there are people that enjoy sharing their attention with you, without you even having to find a need to make an effort. Enjoy what some people offer you with their free and spontaneous will. Say no to whatever someone gives you out of force of habit or convenience. 
Forget what they don't want to give you. 

Everyone only gives what they can."

:: image source:: via {here}
:: text :: by Mario Calfat Neto from the original Portuguese, translated by me.


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