31 October 2014

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of you, whether you are dressing up or not. Here's me and my chalkboard painted pumpkin from many moons ago (as this year I didn't decorate or carved pumpkins at all!).

October has been a very warm and sunny month in Portugal, fall didn't come through at all and we have been enjoying a late summer...which was fine by me! But it somehow took the magic out of the falling leaves, fall air breeze and pumpkin carving altogether. This time of year is not the same since we have left England, by the way. But as we are here now, then we should enjoy the sun for as long as it wants to make an appearance and keep shining for us.


  1. I think you would feel the same even if yiu were in England. It has been amazingly warm here, 24 today even. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you Anna...that made me miss England even more!


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