25 November 2014

weekend wander :: autumn morning

Nothing like a good stroll into a secret place, with an autumnal chillier breeze, to make us feel ready and new for the new week. This weekend I 'stumbled' upon an unplanned weekend wander and was marvelled with the magnificent colours that welcome us this time of year.

This place is actually only a few steps from my home, but one of those I hardly visit, in actual fact I don't ever remember visiting it before. Maybe because it lies across an extremely busy and curvaceous road, though lucky me, it is currently closed to traffic - so my time to cross it was now due...and what treasure I was to find.

I fell instantly in love with the dense greenery which reluctantly clings (and doesn't seem resigned to fall) and with the yellow leaves covering the road as if by magic I was five again and (day dreaming) travelling the road to Oz with Toto in my basket.

One more example that if you never get lost you never actually find anything new, nor different or spectacularly surprising - unplanned moments of beauty are made of that.

Note to self: need to get lost to be found. Get lost and you will find what you need.




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