09 April 2015

overpopulation, the effects in images

Trash wave - Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya catches a wave in a remote but garbage-covered bay on Java, Indonesia, the world’s most populated island 

'Overdevelopment, overpopulation, overshoot' is a project by a group of talented and enrivonmentally-oriented people who decided that the best way to show awareness of the great problem that is overpopulation and its consumption was through photography.

You know me, I am a bugger for great pictures. I also have got a few very strong feelings about a few causes, being them environmental or social. Although, for the sake of good and impartial blogging, and without any intention to take any sort of political view (much less cram into you a fully formed opinion), please take a look at these wonders as they are.

Feedlot - Industrial livestock production in Brazil

Oil wells - Depleting oil fields as seen at the Kern River Oil Field in California

Waves of humanity - Sprawling Mexico City rolls across the landscape 

Greenhouses grow greenhouses - As far as the eye can see, greenhouses cover the landscape in Almeria, Spain

Hill-side slum - Slum-dwelling residents of Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

British Columbia clear-cut - Sometimes called the Brazil of the North, clear-cut logging on Vancouver Island
To get more information about this project and to order the book just follow the link (here).


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