16 July 2015

crossing the sea


Would you take a leap of faith into the unknown?
How often in your path are you faced with such decisions?
As some of us are faced with such challenges more than often, what makes us jump?

It is true that staying ashore, in the comfort of what we know, it builds our roots, our sense of security; the unknown however, just outside the boundaries of our safety zone, will involve some courage, and whichever the result with it comes experience, builds character, knowledge, self-development and awareness... it predicts growth.

It is also true that sometimes all you need is just to stand there, staring at those waves, taking in the immensity of the ocean against the horizon line just there, to make us feel whole. 
Sometimes all you need is just to breathe.
Stand, breathe and just be in the company of 'you'.

If you are to leave solid ground and cross the sea, then make sure you give it your all.
Nothing is worth if you only give half of your heart, half of your soul, half your body... after all, lukewarm water does not make tea, does it?!

Some seas are harder to cross than others.
Even though they are all fearful unknowns, some are terribly and horribly harder to face.

Love is one of them. You would not think so... but it is! 
Love is to risk, to risk it all. Therefore, to cross that sea wholeheartedly and with intention takes bravery.

You have to break down the waves (your walls, no matter how high and deep), expose your soul, become vulnerable, trust your insticts, and harder even...trust the Universe. 
You have to remember, half-hearted-half-souled is not an option.

Love is bravey.
Only the brave can reach it, it is the ultimate reward for exposing your vulnerabilities.

And so exposed, you are in touch with your truer self, with your essence (away from chains and covers), you are now truly following and listening to the language of your heart... in touch with the 'wild' in you.

If it was not to take a good amount of courage and bravery then we all would easily 'cross' this sea. You need to be brave, you need to be wild. Keep that in mind!

:: image source :: all images by me from Praia da Areia Branca, Portugal 


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