17 December 2015

the four gift rule :: how to buy presents

Christmas is my favourite time of year, as I guess, it is for some of you. But the big dilemma each year is, what and how to buy your presents.

It is true that most of us, and especially at this time, are ruled by a very tight budget, but to keep to the Holiday spirit you still want to be able to gift your loved ones with something meaningful or at the least something to say 'I care for you' on this special time.

If you have children then you know what 'Christmas cheer' means since they have invaded your life...the smile on those faces, the excitement all around the season, from the glittery decor, twinkling lights, to the merry songs!

The secret, as it is for most things in life, is to keep focused and edit! 
It means focusing on what's important, do not deviate from the task at hand (getting distracted with the next-best thing...or store!) and editing - which is eliminating anything superfluous.

This is a great rule to follow, especially for your own children, which, I believe, will be the ones getting the most number and most meaningful presents from you (you will not dare ever skip them from your list!).

So, here's the FOUR GIFT RULE which you can keep safe and locked in your secrets drawer (together with your Santa's costume and tooth-fairy mini letters) and use it over and over again, every Christmas.

And don't forget to pass the word around to other grown ups in trouble!

Pippa xoxo


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