07 October 2011

Crafty Friday: Draw {the best} Clouds on the Wall

To keep in style with our weekly theme ‘Clouds’, as promised, here is a tutorial on how to draw them on your wall. It is extremely uncomplicated and a very handy tip if you’re venturing into a clouded wall mural sometime in the future.

Here’s the desired effect, although in this tutorial we will also add shelves to use the clouds not only as pretty wall décor but also for practical usage of space.

- Find an image of a cloud you like and draw it on a piece of newspaper (the same size as you would like it to be on the wall). If you’re drawing several clouds the same size you can use the same newspaper template although if you’re using different sized clouds make a newspaper template for each different size.

- When you’re happy with your display then it’s time to trace the cloud shape around the newspaper template (image 2).
- When you’ve finished tracing, paint it using standard wall paint or any other water based paint like acrylic (image 3).

Now the only thing left is attaching the shelves to the wall once the paint is fully dried. The shelves used here are Ikea’s Ribba picture ledge frame shelves.

Voilá!....your head in the clouds, ready for some delicious {day} dreaming!

Image source: PinkFriday

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- Roughly stick the newspaper templates on the wall and take a step back to see the desired effect – at this point if you’re not happy with your display you can always change the newspaper’s position (image 1).


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