04 October 2011

Perfect Little Corner: Head in the clouds

Image by easleynl

When I saw this image I immediately knew I had to share it with you so, in a way, it is what started the idea for this post. It’s a reading nook {and it must be the most comfortable one!} and a great way to camouflage an attic ceiling or alcove.

A good example of serenity with great use of colour too. The clouds are appliqu├ęd on the wall {you can do this by using adhesive paper, cut wallpaper and paste or, if diy skills permitting you can cut and paint plywood}.

The most cost efficient and even perhaps most effective option, painted clouds on the wall {my favorite technique!}
Ps – don’t you just adore the lampshade?! Swooooon…

Summer Clouds wallpaper

For intricate patterns and perhaps a more familiar method, you can always find a gorgeous wallpaper! {note: if you want to peek at some serene, mesmerising and truly Parisian wallpaper for 'grown-up' bedrooms click here!}

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