08 December 2011

A Fabulous Gal's Imaginary Wish List

Gifts for her Gift ideas for her

I say imaginary as these would be the great welcome gifts for a GAL like moi, in a perfect even if ‘imaginary’ world. Though I can only fantasize as many of these aren’t either affordable, reachable or conceivable in my own true ‘reality’, further the fact that I actually don’t get to pick my own presents - other people supposedly do that for me {if I’m lucky!} and also the fact that, if Santa actually decides that I’ve been naughty, I don’t get anything at all!

So in my ‘reality’ these are really the things* I’m praying for {in the near future not necessarily Christmas}:

image source 2: camera 1 | camera 2 | sofa. 

*(ie: objects of desire, material possessions with no evident correlation to health or happiness)

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