21 February 2012

Happy Carnaval!!

La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Aura Bowman on Etsy

Growing up in Portugal, Carnaval, has to be one of my favourite times of the year {maybe number 1 quickly followed by Christmas!}.

Maybe because in my town there has always been a big tradition for it, for the house parties, for the gatherings, Masquerade Balls, the street parade...or maybe because it's a town full of happy cheerful people whom at least once a year have a lot of fun...I don't now why, I just know that, come this time of year, every year, I miss it terribly.

It's great to let your hair down and enjoy, recharge your batteries....a great way to prepare your mindset to welcome spring and say goodbye to the dark, cold and sad winter.

{Let's just hope I'll be there next year!}

 But for now, for all of you who are here and for those who have been partying all weekend, as today is the day that Carnival dies...here's one for you my darlings, from one of my dearest and most loved Brasilian voices, Marisa Monte.


  1. Hi, Pipa!! Happy Carnival for you too!! I'm Brazilian and It was a good suprise find your blog. Here in Brazil people say that the year only start after Carnival. So we enjoy it a lot!! I also have good memories about Carnival times especially when i was a child.



  2. Hi Larissa! It's true, until Carnival starts it seems everyone just drags January and February around waiting for the year to 'properly' start, right?!
    So glad you found our blog...welcome and hope you enjoy it!


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