21 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day!

Pancakes at 7:00 by Gloria Melo

Super Fluffy Pancakes by Laura Pennington

Good Morning my lovelies and Happy Pancake Day!!

Yes, whilst half of Europe and most of Latin America are celebrating Carnaval {or Mardi Gras} we, in England, are rejoicing over the great day that is... Pancake Day.

These scrumptious delicacies that we all love and adore have a dedicated day - or I guess an excuse to eat them not just for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner, why not?!

To celebrate in style {and in case you haven't found that special homemade recipe yet!} here's two of the prettiest  recipes I know. Found on They Cook & Draw {one of my guilty online pleasures I must add!}.

Enjoy and pancake away why don't you...!

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  1. Aqui em Portugal é dia de CARNAVAL 11 Mas as panqueicas , os crepes, parecem-me bem!


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