23 March 2012

{A-Z photo a day} I is for Ink

Day 9 of Souvenir Foto School :: I is for Ink

I must apologise for the fact that I made a large interval since I last posted on my Souvenir Foto School photos. But here we go again!

'I' was originally meant to be for Indigo but the ink did its part well too - my chosen theme was: Macro.

All these photos were taken with my iphone and because I took them at night,in my kitchen and therefore under artificial lighting they came out with a grain...which, I have decided, not to take as a negative point.

My alternative was: I is for Ice, taken from my back garden as it snowed that night!

You can see all the photos of this collection on my flickr set here and you can follow me on instagram: filipal.


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