24 March 2012

{A-Z photo a day} J is for Jewelry

Day 10 of Souvenir Foto School :: J is for Jewelry

The letter J was quite difficult as I couldn't find many Js around the house - so Jewelry was the word most suited...although after a little investigation I realised I actually didn't have much jewelry, not interesting to be photographed anyway.

And I remembered the only ring which could have some interested it would be a family heirloom, something that belonged to my paternal grandmother and the only item my dad acquired upon his mother's death....he immediately gave it to me.

It is a gold ring with a 1920's look and a huge blue stone. I've always been fascinated with the colour of this stone...and I hope that through these photos you can understand why!

I never used it, I probably never will....but the only piece of jewelry worthy enough for todays letter 'J'!
A letter not much dedicated to an object but a 'meaning'...an item with a story...as many of my items {and maybe yours too!} have.

You can see all the photos of this collection on my flickr set here and you can follow me on instagram: filipal.


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