25 March 2012

{A-Z photo a day} K is for Knot

Day 11 of Souvenir Foto School :: K is for Knot

Again I had to resort to items in my home - found this knot made in rafia which adorns a glass bottle in my kitchen.
I loved the end colours and contrast with the dark background...and again, as a macro shot everything has a different interest, a peculiarity as if it just landed from an alien planet {or underwater world!}.

My alternative shot was: K is for Kiwi.

I find that macro shots of nature's flora and fruit world are far more interesting... but somehow it was just so intriguing, too mysterious, almost repulsive and on the verge or weirdness that for the foto school and for the sake of looking not-too-arty I decided for the knot photo!

You can see these and many more photos of this collection on my flickr set here and you can follow me on instagram: filipal.


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