13 April 2012

{diy} How to Draw a Friendly Wolf

I saw this great tutorial and loved it from the 'word go!'
It was in the Guardian Online and is provided by illustrator Nadia Shireen, author of the children's books Good Little Wolf and Hey Presto!

So, I'm not totally unbiased to this particular subject as my family name {in Portuguese} means Wolf...and also the fact that as children {and adults too} we are conditioned to the fact that Wolves are mean and the bad guys in a story, right?!

Well, I always believed Wolves could be good and happy chaps too... and Nadia's beautiful illustrations concur to that!

So here's how you do it:

And here's the Good Little Wolf storybook

Check the whole tutorial on the Guardian here {there's a How to Draw a Bad Wolf too!} and Nadia Shireen's webiste here.


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