30 November 2013

advent calendar by zoe de las cases

December is here and time to get started on finding Christmas goodies on your advent calendar.

Some of us are more likely to ditch the high-street store fashions especially at this time of year, and so, a d.i.y. handmade Christmas sounds so much more fun, eco-friendly and cozy.

I have found this super cute d.i.y. advent calendar on Zoe de Las Cases facebook page {link here}, and decided it was my favourite for this year - and so, here to share it with you.

It has a vintage look with a modern 'twist', very much the trade look of Zoe de Las Cases that I so love!

If you want to try it, take a peek and/or visit the link for the original {here}.

what you need:


-Print 3 papers of A4 calendar {images below}

visit Zoe de Las Cases facebook page for original A4 sizes

-Cut the boxes
-Open matchboxes and cut the outside retaining half

-Paste each picture on each half of matchbox
-Paste windows (images) on the outside of the box of small drawers

-Put your gifts and candy inside boxes
-Place a small piece of double-sided (1 cm) on the edge of the box where the window will come close

-Paste all the boxes together using glue

-Once assembled boxes, strengthen the back with a plate of foam board

:: instructions and photo source:: Zoe de Las Cases


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