01 December 2013

december 2013 free desktop calendar

{...and a year in calendars!}

And so we are here, at the start of the last month of the year. And with it, the last free desktop calendar of this year too.

I chosen a Christmas theme with a variant of a choice of two colours...so you only have to pick your favourite and which will adorn your computer screen for the month.

I hope you like them!

december 2013 desktop calendar one :: hot pink

december 2013desktop calendar two :: white

You only need to pick your favourite, click the image for its original {larger} version and set it up as your new laptop or computer background.

We have had a truly wonderful ride, it has been amazing for me to create all these calendars to share with you.

Although, I missed the very first month of the year, and so we were without our free calendar for January 2013, I soon picked up pace with all the others, and in some cases, even designed two different ones for the same month so you could have a choice!

Here they all are now, in retrospective!

My personal favourites were March and April....and maybe one of the Novembers too!

And yours, did you have a favourite?

Did you get them all from the beginning or started halfway along the year?

Let us know your thoughts.

Don't forget to leave your comment and  Have a great month of December!!

Pippa, xoxo

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  1. i didn't find your blog until august. november was my favorite. thank you so much for the calendars!!!


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