09 June 2014

celebrate and let go

photo by marciante on flickr

Good Monday to you. Hope you have had a relaxing weekend.  
Today’s inspirational photo is more than a color board or a palette to inspire us for the week. It is an image of celebration.

Last week was a week to remember - one of those, so unreal - with a mix of highs and lows, that if it was in a film script you would never believe its credibility – yes, one of those!
One of the memorable occurrences from last week was definitely the birthday of my eldest son - he was 14! I confess I didn’t see it coming until a few days beforehand, and it was scary. Where has the time gone? 14 years really go fast, and for a mother that is the realization that, not only you are getting a little ‘old’, but also your baby is no more. I am indeed being overdramatic, but I think the occasion calls for it, don’t you? (It’s not every day you get a ‘wake up’ slap in the face…but more on that later in the text!)

The mix feelings of it all, the happiness and contentment to see them enjoy ‘their’ so awaited day; together with the longing for times past when they were babies, toddlers…so much ours
The moment I saw my son for the first time, my first child, it was the very moment I thought my eyes never ever seen anything more beautiful in this world. I was completely and utterly smitten! My world collapsed (for the better, I may add!), it revolved on its own axis and changed, as well as my views and priorities. I became a mother, and without realizing, a better person. Or at least, a person that suddenly started walking a different path – the path leading to the future. 
My son came to save my life, I always believed that…and even more so now. So this is for him!

The beautiful inspirational photo, not only means a ‘party’, a celebration, a birthday, but also the art of letting go. Sometimes we are faced with less than good experiences, events and people that do their best to knock us down on our knees…and if it happens suddenly, when you least expect it, well, it’s even worse. Oh, and did I mention: from the people you thought were supposed to actually care for you, the ones you love the most…?!

Good people with big hearts always trust too much, love too much, help too much, give too much, and so end up being hurt the most. But my advice to you, if you love intensely and immensely never ever apologize for your superpower! Keep spreading it, be yourself - the world is so much better with it, and with you in it.

Loss, pain, humiliation, rejection are all feelings that one day every one of us must deal with. It is hard, it is painful, but maybe they’re put on your way for a reason. 

Everything you go through grows you

During teenage years people (well, most of us!) endure relationships as a need for the approval of someone else for us to feel complete, to feel good about ourselves or to feel we have a purpose. Our first love is some spotty insignificant kid instead of ourselves. How silly, right?! So why do we keep making that same mistake as adults? Are we that hungry for acceptance? Surely not. Maybe loneliness takes over; or the love of being in love; or maybe, simply, you think you found a very special person indeed, that someone you have been waiting for, that one you know you deserve…and you fill yourself with eternal hope.     

This week I have also been to consult some Tibetan monks, who talked about (aside from many other things) Universal Love - the art of compassion, of forgiveness, of loving the un-loveable. 
Their view is that if enemies, those who do you wrong, who wish you the worst (even if they are the ones closer to you) those are truly the ones who teach you the most. Those are the ones we should be more grateful for finding in our lives, as they make us change, grow and make us appreciate the good things in life…when they come. 
Without darkness how can we appreciate light?

So let’s not fill ourselves with pain and regret, and whatever else dooms and glooms. It hurts when someone just suddenly decides to take the floor off your feet with no care, regardless of your feelings, plans and dreams, it feels like a punch in the stomach, the sparkle disappears from your eyes, the sunshine disappears from your days.
We are smart enough and strong enough NOT to be defeated by the idiots, the selfish and the ungrateful spoilt brats of this world who are just too blind to see your greatness. 
As Oprah says - You surely don’t want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you, right? 
And after you have seen them in the correct light, after the rupture of trust, you will be certain of that.

But oh, you will be amazed with all the good things that come when you are down. You can truly see your real friends, and how compassionate and kind people can actually be. You will see some people in brand new light, when they offer you a shoulder to cry on, a hug or simply make an effort to make you laugh. That, my friends, it’s what it is all about in the end.

It doesn't really matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again. 

Invest in the good things. 
Let bad things be gone, and for good. They have done you a favor after all, they are just passing by…good things are here to stay – and those who are good to you, they stay in your life...they want to!
Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don’t be afraid to disappoint. Be true to yourself and to what you truly deserve.

Let go. Simply.
It hurts, it’s hard, but letting go of something bad should be easy. It makes you grow, it makes you lighter. And in the end, if letting go means being apart from something good…it will surely come back to you. What is truly yours will always find its way back to you.

Be true to yourself, trust your instincts (especially your first impressions, they are never wrong!)…and have a great week filled with all those little things that make you happy!

Love, Pippa xoxo


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