24 July 2012

Prettypegs :: Customize your IKEA furniture

If you’ve been on this planet for the past decade {at least} I’m sure you have made the weekend pilgrimage to the Ikea super store.

And if you’re anything like me you make it more than the ‘normal dosage’ for a sane adult. To be honest I think I could visit my Ikea store with my eyes closed - I’m always on the lookout for new collections and can even name a few! {Can’t really believe it…I am admitting it but yes, ‘Hello everyone, I’m Filipa and I am an Ikea addict’}.

So to my surprise I found Prettypegs, little pretty legs for your Ikea furniture, yay!

It means that now you can also customise your Ikea furniture, sofas and even your bed with these gorgeous embellishments, adding a splash of colour or metallic, funky shapes and contemporary look - it’s like adding a designer necklace to your already gorgeous outfit!

So if you think your 3 year old sofa needs a little spruce up, bring it all the way to 2013 with some new legs {while you’re at it, why not add a new cushion too?}

Visit the Prettypegs page for more images and all the info.


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