04 September 2012

15 essential back to school photos

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September comes along and so it is again time for our precious children to go back {or the first time} to school.

It is always an incredible event, maybe for the 'greatness' of it as a mark in our child's development and growth, or maybe even as it also marks the end of yet another year, another era, the end of another summer.

They are, after all, one year older and the first day of school is the day {above all others} when we are 'pushed' to have that glimpse, that realisation that they're no longer ours!....oh, don't take me as being too sentimental, as a matter of fact it is indeed a very special moment for parenst too...it's a big thing!

So to mark that special day, that big thing that comes to us once every year...and also because of my love of photography and importance of recording special moments on film, here' it is, from me to you, a FREE list of the 15 essential photos you need to take on your child's first day back to school.

It is only a guide, obviously if you have a more creative rib you will find your own little moments to photograph and cherish forever, but I thought this would be useful for all the rest of us who are just too busy making sure the day goes smoothly {and without any extra thought for creativity} but still don't want to miss a thing!

There's a link to open an enlarged image {here} which you can print {and re-use for other years to come too!}

If you're like me and have got an Instagram account you can add them with the hashtag #pbback2school so we can collect, 'like' and comment on each others photos.

Have fun with the photos and enjoy your back to school moments!



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