05 September 2012

trend : floral crown

There's  a trend goin' round, don't know if you have noticed it yet : you just got to wear flowers in your hair!

Yes, the floral crown is making a huge come back, maybe it never really did go away...but this boho look is taking its pride of place in all fashion shoots, wedding websites and even children's magazines.

Who can blame them...it is so beautiful, soft and romantic...I am definitely adhering to it!

So if you're interested in making yourself a floral crown here are two tutorials from The house that Lars built which are fantastic:

How to make a Floral Crown for KIDS:

click here for full tutorial

How to make a Floral Crown {adult size} :

click here for full tutorial

Have fun!!

tutorials + tutorials images : the house that Lars built
source of board images :: one ¦ two ¦ three ¦ four ¦ five ¦ six 


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